About IV Vitamin Therapy

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“Working with De Famelia was an amazing experience, and I felt instantly better after my IV hydration session. As a first time getting IV hydration, De Famelia made the process welcoming and stress free. I had been feeling burnt out through the holidays and dehydrated with the seasonal dryness. They did a great job of listening to my needs and assessing additional vitamins to help supplement the treatment. I really enjoyed my experience, and I look forward to going back.”


“I called the women at De FaMelia for IV hydration after having a multi-day stomach bug and migraine that left me dehydrated and exhausted. They were swift with their reply and incredibly professional with my intake forms and screening call. The actual experience was surprisingly relaxing—especially since I was dehydrated enough that my veins weren’t immediately obvious. They didn’t rush the process and instead took the time to make my feel comfortable and prepared. I felt so much better after the IV—hydrated and energized for the holidays.”


“Great experience with Debbie and her sisters who run this!! I had an IV done for energy and it was amazing. I barely felt the IV…Talking to Debbie during my visit was so refreshing. I really enjoyed this experience. My friend came with me and she fell asleep it was so relaxing..Will definitely be back.”


About Wellness Shots

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“I felt less bloated, less stressed, less anxious, slept better and had more energy.”


“Since I’ve had the [Super Shot], the fog has cleared from my thinking and I’m much more sharp. I now get out of bed in the morning with energy I hadn’t had before. I’ve also noticed the water retention in my hands has reduced, Debbie is helpful, attentive and so knowledgeable about vitamins and how they affect the body.”


“I’ve been getting the [Super Shot] and I have noticed the most incredibly amazing difference… Since getting the shots, I am ready to go. My mood and energy levels have been great. Even my co-workers have noticed it.”


About Botox and Dermal Fillers

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“I went to De FaMelia Wellness Services with my mother and 14 y/o daughter. We received some Botox as well as B12 and [Super Shot]. Best money I’ve spent…”


“A month ago, I went to De Famelia Wellness Services and had botox to help with the excessive sweating under my arms I have been struggling with for years. The botox was injected in both my armpits. The procedure was simple and comfortable. Since then, the sweating has decreased at least 80-90% and I am very pleased with the results.”